Friday, March 1, 2013

Febuary Favs!

Hi Every one!

I have quite some favorites this month! So let's get started!

Nude and Yellow shoes - I need these!!

Pretty black dress!
Cool denim and stud backpack
Cute knitted top
Über cool shoes! -Did anyone say Icarus?
Cute floral dress
Love long skirts like this!
Cute sheer top
Pretty dress!
Galaxy litas! LOVE!
Striped dress!
Long skirt

Forever 21
High-low skirt
Galaxy shoes *heart*
Pretty black dress! Love the neck details!
Mint high-low dress
Cute blonde/crochet dress!
Necklace! -I CRAVE THIS! OMG!
High-low skirt
Gina Tricot
Mustache bracelets
Cute army pants
Skull necklace
Checkered shirt
Super cute Knot necklace!
Light Spring jacket
Ombre skirt
Yellow maxi dress
Relaxed black shorts
Studded shoes! -Love!
Pink/cherry high-low shirt/dress
Cute Spring dress
Cool Red shorts
Washed Denim shorts (LOVE these to much!!)

As you can read above there's several things that I'm absolutely craving! OMG! ;)

I have a thing for longer shorts this year, definitely gonna get some of those! ;)

Have a great Friday!

HUGS! Heidi

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