Sunday, March 24, 2013

Confessions of a nerd

Hi Every one!

Like the title says - I have a confession to make!

For many years I've said that iPhone wasn't for me, and that HTC was "it"!
I might have to take some of it back, and it kinda hurts a little (^^)

I still loooove HTC to bits, but to be fair... The iPhone is just little more "blog-friendly"!

I have talked for ages about the "front camera" there's in the iPhone, and that it would be cool, so I could take more pictures of myself, for instagram and my blog..

So today, my boyfriend surprised me with the iPhone 5 as an early birthday gift!

I'm still a huge HTC and Android fan, and probably always will be, but now I'm giving Apple a chance to prove how good they are.. But I have to say.. I'm hard to impress! ;)

-And to be honest - my boyfriend got an offer he couldn't refuse on that iPhone! :D Hahah

 Are you guys an Apple or HTC (or Samsung/Sony/Nokia) fan? :D

Have a great and awesome Sunday!

HUGS! Heidi

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