Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Litas & New hairstyle!

Hi Every one!

Sorry for not posting last night, but I was to freakin' tired after the haircut and the show afterwards :D

But here's my new haircut! I got a pageboy haircut with dark brown and plum colored hair :D There's kinda two ways to style my hair...

The way I was cutted:
And the way I'm having my hair:

I really like it, and it's really different from everything I've ever had! :D

The girls from my class and me (I'm number 3 from the left ;) )

And here's some pictures from the day
Palle Freese is doing my haircut :D
Mad skills ^^
Here's Suzanne styling my hair on stage (The big picture in the background is the before picture of me)
And to continue all these pictures,- I also want to show you my LITAS! Yay! They are so beautiful!

They are pretty high - but really comfy and reeeeeeeally nice quality! And they were only 350 DKK! <3

But that was all.. I think.. Hahahah ^^

Have a great evening!

HUGS! Heidi


  1. Det er virkelig pænt til dig Heidi :-)
    Du er en smuksak..