Monday, January 2, 2012

Movies of 2012!

Hi Every one! :D

I’m sure that 2012’s gonna be an awesome movie year!
There’s several movies that  I – without a doubt - am gonna watch!

My Week with Marilyn  
Release: 26.01.2012

Marilyn Monroe's an icon! What's more to say!

The Muppets
Release: 23.02.2012

I have always loved the Muppets! <3

The Rum Diary
Release: 19.04.2012

I love Johnny Depp, so I have to watch this! ;)

The Avengers
Release: 26.04.2012

I'm not a huge fan of the Marvel series, but I like several of the characters, and the trailer looks pretty good ;)

Dark Shadows
Release: 16.05.2012

(Sorry no trailer yet)

Another Johnny Depp movie! :D And other great actors are in it aswell! ^^

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Release: 12.07.2012

(Sorry no trailer yet)

A Tim Burtion movie! I love that guy! He makes the most amazing movies! <3

The Dark Knight Rises
Release: 26.07.2012

I have loved always loved Batman movies! (Especially "The Dark Knight" with the Joker! <3)

Release 30.08.2012
I love Pixar movies! And I love the girl's curly red hair! (Wish it was mine ^^)

Release: 4.10.2012

(Sorry no trailer yet)

Another Tim Burton, and this is a remake of a classic!

The Hobbit
Released: 12.12.2012 (Awesome date!)

If you haven't noticed, I'm a HUGE "The Lord of the Rings" fan, and I look SO MUCH forward to this movie! <3 I can't stand waiting any longer! ^^ Hahah

All the dates are the Danish releases, and they might be changed, so I'm not responsible for wrong dates!

Hope you look just as much forward to 2012 as a great movie year as I do! :D

Have a great night!
HUGS! Heidi

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