Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Favs!

Hi Every one! :D

I just thought that I'll show you my January Favorites, since January is coming to an end ;)

I really love these cool pants! (Ellos)

Super retro sunglasses! I have an authentic vintage pair with red glass! (Ellos)

Colorful sandals! (Ellos)
I'm SO happy that I bought this! <3 (Gina Tricot)

I have a thing for studs! <3 (Gina Tricot)

-And a thing for stripes! (Gina Tricot)

Super cool Armpiece! (Gina Tricot)
I love feathers! (H&M)

The happy owner of a pair of these! (H&M)
Yeah I know.. The stud thing again! ^^ (Nelly)

Huge bag! Love it! (Nelly)

Super cute and girly dress! (Nelly)

Another cute dress! <3 (Nelly)

-And the stripe thing again! Haha ^^ (Nelly)
This is SOME of my favorites from January! :D

Have a great night! ;)

HUGS! Heidi

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