Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hi Every one!

Yesterday I recieved my new finger rings from! But ofcause the ring I was looking most forward to, the YSL-copy, was in the wrong color! :/ So I'm only showing you pictures of the other two rings!

The square ring is a bit too big, so I might wear it as a necklace instead..

The Nailpolish I'm wearing is Depend No. 253!
It's really pretty cause it's matte when you put it on! I always put a topcoat on my nails, but after I have done my first hand, I realized that it was a matte polish! Hahah So I ended up doing the other hand aswell, but I might just leave it matte next time ;)

Depend Nailpolish no. 253!
I also made an order at Gina Tricot today! (Hihi I couldn't help myself ^^) but I'm not showing you what I ordered... Yet! ;)

Have a great Saturday! :D

HUGS! Heidi

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