Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Unisex

Hi Every one!

I think the street fashion these days is very interesting! I would define it as a kinda "vintage unisex" style.. It takes pieces from pretty much every decade and mix it up to this unisex thing! I really like it! It's very interesting that it's hard to define the sex when you meet someone, because it might aswell be a boy, or a girl you are looking at!

Male or female - Could be both!

Love the vintage glasses and red lips!

A vintage school boy anno 21th century

That's what I call vintage style!

Vintage with a modern twist

I could see a man wear this!

I really like the grunge feeling to this outfit!
Pictures above are from

Another thing that's hitting the stores, and it's quite popular already is the collar trend! You can buy separate collars or necklace-collars!

I prefer the collars that's already on the dress or shirt.. Can't quite decide if I like the collar necklaces or not..

That was just a quick Saturday-trend-update ;)

Have a great night! :D

HUGS! Heidi

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