Saturday, July 28, 2012

What happens in England....

... Doesn't stay in England! :D Hahahah

Hi Every one!

I promised to make an update about our vacation in England, and here it comes! :D I've been taking SOOOO many pictures, so I'm just gonna show you some of them ;)

Tuesday 17'th July:
We took the airplane at 19'ish and were in Soho, London at 23'ish. Our apartment was really nice! :D

Wednesday 18'th July:
At first we went down to the local breakfast cafe called Soho Coffee Café and got what's called a Breakfast Bab ^^ We don't really eat stuff like that in Denmark, so it was fun to try ;) After that we went to Oxford Street and saw the Apple Store, it was huge! ^^ We also went to Hamleys Toys! That's a freakin' HUGE toystore! :D And their milkshakes... Mnnhhh! ;)

We went down to the M&M's store that was 3 storeys! :D I bought a lot of M&M's! I love them! ^^

And not far away they were getting ready for the premiere for the new Batman movie! :D Super cool!

We went around London and came by Buckingham Palace! It was really nice ;) The park nearby there were a lot of squirrels! So cute! ^^

We walked by London Eye

And we also saw Big Ben! :D

Later that day we went to the O2 in London to go to Cineworld and watch the new Spiderman movie.. It was a lot better than expected! :D

Thursday 19'th July:
Today was museum day! :D We went to the National History Museum, and I really liked the building! 

After that we went to the Science Museum, that was a lot lot of fun aswell

Later that day we went to see the Sweeney Todd Musical at Adelphi Theater and it was REALLY good! (I love the Tim Burton movie btw)

Friday 20'th July: 
Today we're going to the other end of London to see the Tower of London! :D I love that place! ^^ It's really amazing and interesting!

The Tower Brige is just next to the Tower of London, so we saw that aswell

We also came by Trafalga Square and the OL countdown

Later that night we went out to get something to eat and we came by Monty Python's old house! :D

Saturday 21'st July:
Today's our last day in London, and that means shopping! :D We went to Camden Market - wich is PARADISE for me! ;)

We did a bit more shopping and then we took the Underground/tube/subway to King's Cross and went to platform 9 3/4.... WE DID! ^^

Hahah no, we needed to be at platform 8 and take the train up to Leeds ;) And then we took the train to Castleford, where we stayed at our friends house :D

Sunday 22'nd July:
Today's a day where we were going to relax all day! :D The weather was great so we went to visit our friends family in Ripon :D After that we went to Xscape in Castleford to eat at TGI Friday's! Yummy! I LOVE their Chicken Fingers! :P

Monday 23'rd July:
Today we're going to Alton Towers! What an amazing day! We tried out Oblivion, Nemesis, Nemesis Sub Terra, Th13teen, Rita, HEX, and Air! :D I really liked Air and Th13teen! ;) What a great day! :D
Tuesday 24'th July:
Today we're going to Bradford to visit the National Media Museum and watch Batman Dark Knight Rises on a HUGE Imax screen :D

After that we went to Manchester to see Blink 182 at the O2 Apollo! :D The koncert was SO freakin' amazing! Love that band! <3

Wednesday 25'th July:
Today's the big traveling day! :D We're going home, so we need to get back down to London and take the plane back home to Denmark :D

We have had an AMAZING vacation in England, and we're going again some day! :D Yay!
-But it's nice to be back in Denmark ;)

HUGS! Heidi

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