Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY Summer shirt/top

Hi Every one!

Here's an DIY on how to cut an old T-shirt into a cute Summer-top :D I've got two examples to show you how you very easily can  tranform an boring T-shirt into a more fashionable shirt/top ;)


My old South Park T-shirt that I got from my brother, haven't been using it for years.. That's about to change! ;)
The T-shirt how it looked before I started cutting it
Then I'm cutting the sleeves and neck off...
I tried it on, and then drawed in when I wanted to cut it..
It's pretty oversize, it's an XL, so I didn't have to cut more off the sleves to get them big enough ;)
Really comfy!
I cutted the back a bit lower, so you can see my tattoo ;)

And then my "Sa' du Ateist?" (Did you say atheist?) also a very old shirt from my brother that I haven't worn for years..

The T-short before...
Cut off neck and sleeves off..
Then cut a piece off one of the sleeves and put around the back.. Sew the piece together..
So it looks like this
When you try it on, you can always cut more off, so you have it like you want :D

Voila! :D

It's very easy to do, and now I just might steal some of my boyfriends old T-shirts... Schhh.. ^^

Have a great Saturday!
HUGS! Heidi

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