Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodiebox #5

Hi Every one! :D

I just got my Goodiebox #5 for June/July today (since I've been on vacation, I couldn't really pick it up before now)

I know that I have promised to review the boxes, but I haven't really got the time for it, cause the delivery have been quite uneven, and pretty close to each other.. And now Goodiebox have decided to make june/july to one box... Which I think is.. Badly organized tbh... But oh well.. Hopefully it's gonna be better..

But on to the content of the 5'th Goodiebox :D

I really like the pink ribbon! :D
Uhhh.. What's inside?!
Decubal Face cream and Decubal Body Cream (Nice consistency and neutral smell)
Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Session Extreme Hold Hairspray
BodyNordic Sweet Dreams anti-ageing Night cream and Natural Face oil (smells of lavender, chamomile and mandarin)
Murad Essential-C day moisture SPF 30 (Have a nice consistency and a lovely smell)
Depend Holographic Nailpilish in 2027
On nails with one and two coats
I really like this Goodiebox! -Eventhough I still think there's too much cream in all the boxes.. I don't have the time to use it all! But I really like the Murad SPF cream, the hairspray and the nailpolish :D

Have a great night! (It's getting quite late..) ^^

HUGS! Heidi

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