Thursday, November 12, 2009

Outfit of the day, shoes and flowers :D

Hi guys!
I haven't been up to much again today, but I decided to take a picture of my outfit today, just for fun :D I'm wearing two tank tops, both from H&M. The pink one is with small skulls and dots and the white one is with small swallows and stars. My pants are from H&M aswell and are thin black/white stripes, and my socks are also from H&M and are with a Hello Kitty print ^^ I love Hello Kitty :D

Now I waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work ^^

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I'm probably buying some new shoes the 19'th aswell (The day I'm watching New Moon), because I really want some new black high heel shoes ^^ I'm probably going to Deichmann shoes to buy them, so I hope that they have some nice ones I like :D I really like shoes like these:

But I have to see them on and try them out, cause I've had really bad experiences with shoes the last couple of years.. ^^

And I send my mom flowers today, cause it's her birthday this Saturday ^^ Happy Birthday Mom! :D Hehe

Well, I think that's all for today ;)

Hugs Heidi

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