Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At the doctors...

Hi guys!
I was at the doctors today, and I have an infection in my left ear, and I can't hear ANYTHING on it.. It really sucks.. Monday the 16'tn a had a bad earache and afterwards my ear start to drip with fluid.. But now I got some eardrops and some cotton wool for my ear, so hopefully it will begin to heal in a week or so.. But I will probably still don't hear anything by Christmas, so that really sucks aswell.. -_-"

But while I was waiting for my eardrops to arrive at the pharmacy, I went to the shop "Tiger" and bought the cutest bows :D Yay! If you don't know Tiger, it's a shop with different stuff at about $2-$6 :D It's soooo cheap, and they have all kinds of things! :D

Oh and there's only a month till Christmas!! I can't wait!!! :D Yay!
And btw, I can pick up my package with new clothes tomorrow! ^^ It's been like forever since I ordered it, but anyways, I'm still looking forward to try it out! :D

Have a great night! ;)
Hugs Heidi

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