Monday, November 30, 2009

Another outfit of the day and pizza-date <3

Hi guys!
Well today I had a pizza-date with by boyfriend, and I decided to wear another one of my new shirts today :D I really like this one because it's long and VERY comfy! Uhmm ^^

I really like the pattern and the yarn it's made of :D <3

Well, back to my pizza-date <3 My boyfriend invited me on a pizza-date this afternoon when he was done at work, and we went to our favorite pizza place in town, and the pizza was DELICIOUS! ^^ I had one with tomato sauce, ham, cheese and pepperoni :D Yummi yummi! :P

But it's getting sooooo cold outside! And it's probably getting below 0º C the next couple of nights.. If we're lucky we get a white Christmas this year ;) Well, probably not...

Have you done anything nice, fun or crazy today? Please leave a comment ;)

Have a great night! :D

Joyfully hugs, Heidi <3

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