Sunday, November 22, 2009

At the German border

Today I went to the German border to buy soda and candy, and we really got some tasty things :D We bought a lot of soda and chocolate and it was SOOOO cheap! I got this box of Quality Street with 2.9 kg chocolate in it! It's crazy!

But anyways, it's a long drive down there, and I'm pretty tired now.. Oh, and i tried the Coca Cola Cherry, and it's not that great.. It tastes like marzipan, and I don't think Cola should taste like that.. So..

But I'm really looking farward to December now, can't wait to get home for Christmas! I miss my family sooo much! -And I can't wait to see my presents either! ^^ heheh

Well have a great night everyone!

Hugs Heidi

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