Wednesday, February 12, 2014

90's tag

Hi Every one!

It's no secret that I LOVE the 90's! I'm born in 1989 and grew up in the 90's, and I love everything 90's! (wow 3 x 90's in one sentence! ^^ ) Hahaha

Well, I'm gonna show you some of my favorite 90's toys that I had, some trends, TV shows and some Danish 90's music! It's gonna be so much fun!

Let's get started with the 90's TAG!

Favorite Toys
I had two sides when I was a child. I was very girly and loved Barbie dolls and then I had my boyish side that loved Super Soakers, Moutain Bikes and TMNT.. Lets take a look at some of the stuff

This is one of my alltime favorite Barbie dolls, it's the Cool Color Teen Skipper from 1997
This Barbie was super cool, you could cut her hair and then put on some new hair! I chopped all the hair of mine, so she looked like a boy :P Haha
I love this! I had the Theresa(blue) doll and she could do a lot of cool stuff, and I love her hair! ^^
The Midge mermaid doll.. I had a thing for dolls with brownish hair ;)
This was so cool! The camera had a lipbalm in the lense, and I remember that her hair was just crazy and all over the place ^^
SPICE GIRLS! Yay! oved them and I had the Sporty Spice (Mel C) doll :D

And Sky dancers - super cool and very dangerous! The hard plastic could knock you out! ;)

Pogs! Here in Denmark they were called Caps, but they were pretty cool and colorful
Furby! I had a love/hate relationship with mine, and if you had one, you know why!
I wanted this sooooo bad! The McDonald's Snack Maker! You could make McD food at home!
And who doesn't remember this? Mr. Bucket.. I never had it myself, but all my friends did ;)
This is also one of my favorites, the Noise Putty, you could put your finger in it and it would make a farting noise ^^
I loved Polly Pocket aswell, and I had this PP-town with magnectic fields in it, so you could control Polly around town
Star Castle with key, I loved this, and it was kinda the same as Polly Pocket
Do you remember the Pound Puppies? Hahah I had the one to the right ^^
Sticky Hands - I had one in green and it got really dusty and grose after a while.. Hahah
The Super Soaker Extra Power XP 95! My brother had this, and it was awesome!
Do you remember the Water Snakes? Very slippery.. (Hmm... ^^)
And of cause... The TAMAGOTCHI! This was so cool and innovative! :D
My Personal Spice Girls Picture collection! -Yes I still got them! ^^ Hahah
My Personal Pokémon card collection - and yes again, it is the shimmer Ninetails and Mewtwo ^^

90's style
If you're interested in fashion, you probably know that the 90's are back! I really like it, and this it's funny to see kids/teens walking around in clothes that I used as a child :D

Spice Girls.. Do I have to say more?
Bold colors, oversize jackets and pants ^^
The mix between tight/ oversize and short/ long
Do you remember the plastic chokers?

The 90's in 2013/2014
Miley Cyrus rocking the 90's style! (Tbh she isn't much worse than Spice Girls back in the days!)

Street Style with a lot of 90's vibe!

 And now to pictures of ME in the 90's! Lol...
Ruffles, Denim, Minnie Mouse and tight shorts
Bold colors(read yellow), denim, long floral dress
Short Angel dress and rusty brown long dress
 SO SASSY! ^^ Hahaha

TV Shows
I watched sooo much TV as a child!

I loooved Are you afraid of the dark!
And Power Rangers! I was always the Yellow girl when we played PR!
Powerpuff girls! (Loved Mojo Jojo! ^^)
I loved Step by Step! Cody was so awesome!!!!
and of cause TMNT! I loved Michelangelo and his Cheese-pizza!
So funny! Tiny Toons!
And Goosebumbs.. Beware.. You're in for a scare!

90's Music!
You probably remember a lot of the 90's music and it's EPIC! But did you know that quite a lot of it was Danish? Well now you know, and here are some examples!

AQUA - Barbie Girl

Whigfield - Saturday Night

 Dr. Bombay - Calcutta

 Toy-Box - Best Friend

Cartoons - Witch Doctor
Daze - Tamagotchi

Barcode Brothers - Flute

Hit'N'Hide - Spaceinvaders

S.O.A.P - This is how we party

Me & My - Dub-I-Dub

Los Umbrellos - No Tengo Dinero

We knew how to make music back in the 90's! ;)

I haven't mentioned all my favorite stuff, because I could go on forever! And I have probably forgot A LOT of stuff that should be here aswell ^^ Please comment below what you think I've missed ;)

HUGS! Heidi

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