Monday, February 13, 2012


Hi Every one!

I promised to share one of my passions with you guys, and you have probably guessed what it is, by the title.. Tattoos!

I really like tattoos and I always have! I really like that it's getting more accepted, especially among girls! I have three tattoos atm, and I really want more! Right now I think I have whishes to get another 6-10 tattoos! (^^) -But I'm not gonna tell which ones I want! That's a secret! ;)

Anne Lindfjeld
Anne Lindfjeld

Cherry Dollface
Cherry Dollface

Kat Von D
Kat Von D

I'm not going for a full sleve or full body tattoo atm, but if I was like a freelance Stylist or makeup artist, I probably would.. But as a person working in a kindergarten, it might be a bit much.. So I'm just going for the.. "Here and there" tattoing (Hahah) :D

Trinity sign and "The one ring" writings
Three stars with green (my favorite color) in one of them
 These are my tattoos so far. My first tattoo was the trinity sign on my back. I was 18 when I got it, and I got it because it means "the power of three" aka the trinity of my mom, brother and me.

My second tattoo was the three stars. I got it made in 2008, but it got infected and the color peeled off with the scaring. I was really unhappy with this tattoo for years, but I got it re-done in 2011, and it's much nicer now! (or nicer than it was before...)

My third tattoo, the Lord of the Rings: "The One Ring" writings! I got that made in 2011 aswell. I'm a huge LOTR fan (as you can see ^^) and this tattoo means so much to me and stands for my individuality and that I'm not afraid to me myself! +I'm just a huge fan of the movies! ;)

Do you have any tattoos, and what do you think of tattoos? :D

Have a great night!

HUGS! Heidi

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