Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas in November?

Hi Every one!

I love Christmas and I can't wait til December! That's why I always prepare for Christmas in mid November! ;) Yep, you heard right, a lot of my friends think I'm inzane to prepare so early, but why only enjoy it for less than a month, when you can enjoy it for two? :D Hahah

So here's some pictures from my November-Christmas-preparations ^^

"God Jul" means "Merry Christmas" in Danish ^^

Lovely sunset in November

Medusa Copenhagen figurine ( - Hello! ^^ Hahah )

Homemade from jam jars and napkins :D

My Christmas-calender decoration

More decorations

Homemade sweets made of marzipan, chocolate, nougat, and some chocolate covered nuts - Yummy!
I think I mentioned it last year aswell, but we celebrate Christmas the 24'th in Denmark, we eat and open our presents in the evening and then the 25'th we stay in our PJ's and play/look at our presents all day ^^ hehehee

In my family (at my mom's house) we have a tradition that we eat left-overs for lunch and then eat candy and watch movies the rest of the day :D

Do you do anything different/funny for Christmas in your family?

Have a great day!
HUGS! Heidi

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