Monday, November 12, 2012

Winter Party Wear

Hi Every one!

Wooow..  I can't keep track anymore, been ill and have a lot of plans and things to do, so that's why the blog is a little quiet these days ;)

But December is coming closer and closer, and that means party dresses! Yay!
That's why I have picked some super cute outfits to inspire you for the many parties to come! ;)

 -I really like this outfit! (Especially the bag from H&M!!!)
Dress/Nelly - Necklace/H&M - Bag/H&M - Shoes/BooHoo

Dress/Nelly - Necklace/H&M - Shoes/Boohoo

Dress/BooHoo - Earrings/Nelly - Shoes/Nelly

Dress/Nelly - Necklace/Nelly - Bag/H&M - Shoes/Nelly

Dress/Nelly - Bracelet/Nelly - Shoes/Nelly

Dress/Nelly - Necklace/H&M - Shoes/Nelly
Which outfit is your favorite? :D

-And happy almost Christmas! ;)
HUGS! Heidi

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