Monday, February 20, 2012

New products!

Hi Every one! :D

A week ago I ordered some products from MAC (so excited!) and they arrived today! :D

From the left: "Pillow talk" Lipstick, "Daylight" Eyeshadow, and "Beach Sand" Lipstick

From the left: Daylight, Beach Sand and Pillow Talk

I'm REALLY excited about these products, they're my first MAC products and they are amazing! <3

My mom have also been here for the last couple of days (that's why the blog have been very quiet) and she got me an early birthday gift (very early ^^) from Yves Rocher! I'm really happy about these products, cause I have trouble with dry skin, so this is heaven for me :D

From the left: repair lotion with shea butter, and 100% shea butter concentrate
My skin is already smooth like slik! Love these products!

I'm having time off from school this week, cause there're Winter Holiday :D So I'm relaxing as much as I can ;) hehe

Have a great day! :D

HUGS! Heidi

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