Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Favs!

Hi Every one!

Just like last month, I'm showing you my favorite pieces from February! :D Yay! And there's quite a lot! I really had to master myself, not to buy it all!

Cute yellow top with a collar from Forever21

Super cute retro top from Forever21

Pretty coral pump from Bianco

Nice knitted shirt in mint from Gina Tricot

Cool faux leather jacket from Gina Tricot

Über cute mint shirt from Gina Tricot

Cool top from Gina Tricot

Faux leather shorts from Gina Tricot

SUPER cute shirt with studs from Gina Tricot

Cool shirt with nice details from Gina Tricot

Cute retro top from Gina Tricot

Pretty jumpsuit from Nelly

Cute Summer dress from Nelly

Cool cardigan from Nelly

Beautiful dress from Nelly

Lovely feather earrings from Nelly

Relaxing top from Nelly

Cute dress from Nelly

Nice pumps from Nelly

Nude peeptoe pumps from Nelly
I would LOVE to have all these pieces or at least just some of them! I'll have to convince my boyfriend that I can't live without some of this! ^^ Hahah

Which of these pieces do you like the most? :D

Have a great night!

HUGS! Heidi

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