Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Christmas wishes!

Hi Every one!

I just realized that I haven't even told you what my Christmas wishes are! I always have a ton of wishes and know that some of you probably don't know what you want, so maybe I can give you some inspiration! :D

1. wish:
Nintendo 3DS - Zelda style :D
I have a Nintendo DS (the very first edition) but it broke some time ago, so I can't really use it anymore :/ So I really want a new one! And since this cool Zelda version is out, that's the one I want - ofcause ^^

2. wish:
Medusa Copenhagen Figures
I love the design and the comic that I think the M.C. figures have! They are cute, charming and very decorative! :D

3. wish:
Cupcake books and things
I'm in a cupcake fase right now (^^) and I try to find the most delicious recipes :D I love eating cupcakes and it's fun baking them ;)

I think it's great to get a giftcard, especially if it's for clothes! Then you can buy what ever you want! :D And there's usually a sale in January, so it's perfect timing! ^^ Stores I would like to get a giftcard to are: Gina Tricot, H&M, Ikea, Nelly, Bianco, Kop&Kande(danish hardware store), Bog&Idé(danish book store) :D

That's pretty much it! :D
Along with the 3DS I would like some new games like Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi's Mansion 2, Mario Kart 7 and LOZ: Spirit Tracks ;)

Hope that gave you some inspiration, if you didn't know what you want :D

Have a great night! :D
HUGS! Heidi

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