Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hi Every one! :D

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :D

I'm going to visit my Mom tomorrow, and we are celebrating Christmas at my Big Brother's together with his Girlfriend and daughter and my Uncle is coming aswell :D I really look forward to visit my family! I don't see them very often because they live about 160 km away from me, and It's hard to get the time for it aswell.. (I don't have a car, so it have to be planned every time we see each other)

I might post one or a couple of posts while I'm away if I can get my phone to post it ;)

I'll be back home Thuesday, but I'm probably not gonna have much time to blog, since my holiday will be used at eating at Christmas-lunches/dinners, playing Skyward Sword, Enjoying my presents and stay in bed all day! :D hehe But if I should get the time, I'll ofcause blog as much as I can ;)

Here's some pictures of my Christmas 2010! It hasn't really been snowing here yet, and I really like snow! :D

Have some lovely Christmas Days my dear readers! :D

HUGS! Heidi

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