Saturday, June 18, 2011

A vacation to Sunny Beach

Hi Everyone!

As promised I’m gonna tell about my trip to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria! I’ve been there one time before, I traveled there with my boyfriend and his family, and his parents have been there lots of times, so they know the area quite well.

It takes about 3 hours to fly there from Denmark. We are going to stay there for a week, and it’s always nice to relax for a week ;)

Why go there?
Sunny Beach is pretty much only known for its bars and drunken people, but Sunny Beach is so much more! If you like great food, cheap things and clothes, this is the place for you! People are very friendly, and they really try to be tourist-minded, by talking English or even Danish!

We are staying at the Iskar Hotel, which is a 3+ star hotel. There’s a very nice reception, a little store at the hotel, a currency changer, the morning buffet is quite nice as well. We don’t eat lunch or dinner at the hotel, because it much more exciting to eat at the MANY restaurants and experience the culture. The hotel is placed in the southern part of Sunny Beach, and not far from the ocean. The city life and small shops are from a walking distance, and Flower Street is about 3km away from the hotel. There’s a large pool with 3 slides and a children’s pool. There’s also a bar at the pool, so it’s easy to get something to drink through the day. There’s a lot of Fruit and snack bars near the hotel and it’s a nice family area, if the children aren’t too little, about 7-8 years old as the youngest I would say.

Here’s how I would describe a usual day in Sunny Beach:
-We wake at about 9, go down and eat breakfast.
-Then we go change to our swimsuits and take our towel and sunscreen down to the pool. When you go down there this early, you have a chance to pick which ever sun-chair you want ;) We usually lay near the bar ^^
-Then we lay and sunbathing for some hours, and when it gets too hot, we take a swim in the pool. When it gets about 13 (1 pm) in the afternoon, we go to some of the fruit and snack bars to get something to eat. My appetite isn’t usually that big when it’s hot, so a snack is enough for me.
-We usually sit by the pool till 16 o’clock (4 pm) and then we go up to our rooms and sleep for a couple of hours or watch some TV. Well take a bath and change to normal clothes and go out to find a restaurant. We normally go out to eat at 19 o’clock (7pm) the we’ll eat a about 20 o’clock (8 pm) and go around looking at shops, (where all the “good stuff” are ;) )
-Then we return at the hotel at about 22-23 o’clock (10-11 pm) and sit down in the pool bar, chatting and listening to the music that’s on :D The bartender, Tanya, is super sweet and friendly, and the drinks are super cheap, especially the beer!

After that, we go to bed, and then another day starts :D It’s super relaxing and nice! Oh, and btw, a lot of people are talking about tattoos, and that it can be dangerous, well, it’s not more dangerous in Sunny Beach, than everywhere else.. My family in law all got a tattoo several times, and they are clean, and great quality! So if you want a tattoo, get one! And psssst… It much cheaper to get it made there! Just remember to wait till the day before you go home, cause the tattoo can’t be in too much sun.

That’s pretty much all for the vacation part. I usually buy lots of clothes and things like that when I’m down there, so I can’t wait to go again, and + I love the nice weather.. Not something that there’s a lot of here in Denmark ;)

Please ask if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them, as good as I can :D

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