Saturday, June 18, 2011

Done for the year - almost ;)

Hey Everyone!

I finished my exam, and I'm quite happy about the result! :D My group and I wrote about recognition towards children at the kindergarten age, and we scored a 10! :D If we only were a bit more bold at the presentation, we would have scored 12! (that's the same as an A) So now we know what we have to do better next time :D

Why I'm only "almost" done for the year, is because we have to get prepared for our 2. internship and go on research days etc. Fortunately I worked at my internship last year, so I already know how they work, so that makes it all a bit easier :D

So now I'm just gonna enjoy this weekend, before school starts again Monday ;)

I only have July off for vacation, but I'm also going to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria in August :D I can't wait! ^^ Gonna write a post about our hotel and the area later, cause it's not a "drunk-place" at all if you don't seek it ;)

Have a nice Saturday everyone! :D

HUGS! Heidi

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