Friday, March 4, 2011

Relaxing with Buller

Hi everyone!

I got my half-way evaluation today, and I was approved to pass my internship! Yay! ^^ But when I came home, I found my boyfriend, Morten, sitting with his leg up in the air. He got a sprained foot :/ He came home early and went to the doctor to get a bandage on. His foot is very brushed and swollen. He was playing football and he smashed his foot into a concrete wall! What a luck that it didn't break!

And now I'm relaxing with "my dog" Buller. His not really my or our dog, he belongs to Morten's parents, but we take care of him sometimes, and he loves to stay at our place ^^ He's the best dog in the world :D

And here's a picture of him right now! So cute! <3

On Sunday and Monday there's a Danish tradition called "fastelavn", it's a bit like Halloween, where you dress up and stuff, and we're having a party in my after-schoolcare, and I plan to dress up like Michael Jackson! ^^ Gonna be so much fun! :D I love to dress up ;)

... And to all of you, a good night!

(Hahah, I'm pretty tired ^^)


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