Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscar goes to...

Hey Everyone!

The Oscars! What a night! ^^ First, a HUGE congrats to the Danish Film maker, Susanne Bier, for winning the Best Foreign Language Film, "A better world" :D Yay! And she looks so pretty, but not as pretty when she won a Golden Globe! ;)

But I really enjoy looking at the dresses on the Red Carpet, and here are some of my favourites ;)

Natalie Portman - Pregnant and gorgeous! <3 Love her!

Halle Barry - I really love her dress, so pretty!

Hilary Swank - Pretty as always ;)

Helena Bonham Carter - I'm a HUGE fan, and she always looks different and sassy, and so freakin' AWESOME! :D

Scarlett Johansson - I really like the dress, I'm a sucker for laces! ^^ And I like her short hair, looks great!

Mila Kunis - She is SO beautiful! :D I've never seen her looking ugly!

Okay.. And now to your worst nightmare! Sharon Stone does it again.. Not only the dress is ugly, but the hair.. She looks like Frankensteins bride! OMG! Hahah!

And for a quick little update here from my world ;)


I wanted them for Christmas, but did'nt get them, and now they were on sale, so I bought them! :D

They are great to walk in, and I already got an occasion to wear them! ^^ Even better! :D Hahha

But that's all for now.. I'm thinking about working on my Nahui Ollin bag.. I'm never gonna finish it..

Have a great night!

HUGS Heidi

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