Friday, March 4, 2011

Accessories news

I just had to blog about the new stuff from H&M, especially the accessories! I'm in love!

I love polka dots, and this bag is no exception!

A straw hat! Foki has been wearing this for a long time, and I love it! Check her blog at - It looks super cute! ^^

Feather earrings! Love them! Again a blogger that wears them a lot is Kandee! Check her out here: - She rocks and so does the feather earrings! ;)

And I love this outfit! *LOVE*

And this outfit too! I love floral prints!

When I saw this I just needed to talk about it!

I also told my boyfriend that he should give me things from H&M for my Birthday, eventhugh I told him earlier that he should just give me money ^^ Hahah I can't live without some of the new H&M stuff!! ;)

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