Sunday, August 1, 2010

New stuff! :D

Hi Guys and Girls!

I really enjoy living in our apartment, but we still need to get some things done..
We bought a new sofa today, but we can't get them before the 16'th of August, but it's only like two weeks, so it's okay :D We have a small sofa atm, and the new sofas are for 2 and 3 people, so that's nice :D

I don't really like leather sofas, but that's the compromise I have to do towards my Boyfriend ^^ He likes leather sofas, I just think it's cruel to animals.. But that's another case....

I also bought a new laptop, cause I'm going back to school :D I got in, so I'm taking a Bachelor in Childcare, and I can't wait to start! I'm starting the 6'th September :D

It's a Packard Bell Dot s2, in white, with 160 GB, 1 GB RAM and 10,1" screen, not much, but it's easy to carry arround and it's fine for my kind of school work ;)

There's actually happening a lot of stuff in my life atm, and it's hard to ceep on track with everything, but I like the changes :D hehe

Not up to much this evening, probably just gonna watch TV and sit with my laptop ^^

Have a great evening and night everyone! :D

HUGS Heidi

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