Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quiet day..

Hi everyone!

Well, today has been a kinda weird day, don't really know why.. I've been sick, in a way, my stomack hasn't been well and stuff like that, and I've been lazy, cause of the work I've been doing the past week.. So yeah..

But I've beeen to the swimming hall in my town today, and it was quite fun, and great exsercise ;) I really want to loose some weight, eventhough I'm not big, I think that I'm bigger than fits me.. So i want to loose about 10 kg or atleast 7 kg.. So that's quite a way still.. I'm pretty short, only 163cm, and kinda small build.. I'm also starting at Zumba next month, plus I'm starting studying again, so I hope that it all helps, so I reach my ideal weight :D

But now I'm just relaxing and enjoying that we are having my dog, Buller, til tomorroww :D He's sooo cute :D Right now he's sleeping next to me, it's getting a bit late, so he's tired ;)

But have a great day, or at least rest of it (it's 22.35 here) ;)

HUGE hugs!

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