Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crappy day

Hi Guys and Girls!

So... Lats night me and my Boyfriend went over to a friend to party with some of our friends, and we had a REALLY good time and we drank quite a lot.. Heheh I actually drank too much, if I had to say.. ^^ I didn't throw up or anything, but today was.. Ehm.. A CRAPPY DAY! I felt sooo bad when I woke up! I never have had a hangover, But today was pretty close to a hangover.. My head didn't hurt, but have been dizzy, been nauseas and tired! Pheew! I have actually done nothing all day, just lied on our sofa watching tv.. I'm never drinking so much again! Hahah ^^ But it was lots of fun though ;)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, cause I'm making delicious dinner, baking muffins/cupcakes and there's "open by night" in our town tomorrow, so we're going to look for some shoes for my Zumba class and maybe some new clothes for my boyfriend ^^

Tomorrow's gonna be a good day :D

Well, I'm soon gonna go to bed, it's only 22.30, but I'm wasted after last night ^^ hehe

Have a great night! :D

Hugs Heidi

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