Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Haircut! ^^

Hi guys!

So, I've been wanting to do something with my hair for some time, and couldn't decide which color I should dye it etc, but tonight I decided to cut it about 10cm shorter :D I cutted it myself, and I'm pretty happy about the result! :D But it's pretty short now, it's some years ago it's been that short ^^ hehe

I'm gonna dye the blonde stripe again, so my dark roots disappear, and then I'll probably dye it green again :D I loooooved having green hair :D hehe And I'll of cause post pictures of the result when it comes ;)

But I was chocked over the ammount of hair in the zink when I was done cutting! And mu Boyfriend was really chocked when he saw it.. ^^ hahah

Tomorrrow I'm probably gonna go to the gym and swimming area.. But only maybe, depends on how tired I am ;) Hahah

Well have a great night everyone! :D



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