Sunday, September 19, 2010

Too many things are going on :D

Hi Guys and Girls!

Okay, the title is meant in a good way :D I'm quite busy atm, but I like it :D

I've began studying again, I'm taking a "Bachelor of Social Education" (I found the correct term ^^) And I really enjoy being back in school :D My class is great, and there's some really nice people there! :D I'm done in January 2014, so 3½ years to go ;) hahah It's gonna be a blast! :D

Last week we had a friend over from England, and he brought some gifts! (I love gifts!) And he gave me the Lord Of the Rings Collectors Edition of the 1'st movie! :D Yay! So now I got all three!!!! :D Picture!

And he also gave me a Irn Bru!! That's my favourite drink, and you can't buy it in Denmark :/ That really sucks.. And I think one bottle lasted for three days, I really enjoyed to drink it! :D Hahaha

And another awesome thing he gave me was HELLO KITTY STUFF!! :D A little plushie (in punk/rock style) and three phone hangers! :D Yay! Here's a quick picture ;)

Hmm.. So what else.. Oh yeah, we did a play in school, and it went really well :D It was really funny, and awesome to do :D I love theater and stuff like that.. :D That's why I want to choose the direction at my University where I study "Expression, Music and Drama(theater)"
:D So that's probably gonna be a lot of fun ;)

What else.. Hmm.. But my third school week is starting tomorrow, and I can't wait to see everyone again :D

But that's it for now.. I think.. ^^ Hahhaha

Have a great night and I'll talk to you later ;) hahha



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