Sunday, February 21, 2010

Improvement in my life + random stuff

Hi guys! :D

Well, now the weekend are soon done, and another week is starting.
This Friday my boyfriend and I got an offer for an apartment! Yay! :D It's 95 square metre, with 3 rooms, a kitchen, bath and balcony :D It's only 5 minutes walk from the inner city :D We can move in it by the 1'st April.. But.. We can't afford it atm, because the deposit is $ 2,830! So we're planning on moving by June/July instead! :D So it's yay anyway ;) Heheh It seems like a VERY nice and big apartment, but atm, be can't afford it, but if we're lucky, it might still be available by June/July ;) I/we hope so!! :D

It's still very snowy here in Denmark and the trains and busses don't drive as they should, and people die because the snow is so heavy in the sunblinds outside the shops.. And the roofs on buildings are crashing aswell, because the snow is melting and is getting heavyer :/ It's really sad..

Well, enough about all the bad things, last week I got this nice and cozy scarf from H&M! :D I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!! <3 It's like round, and you like tie it arround your neck :D here's a pic ;)

And I got the cutest pair of earrings from Glitter, it small faux leather bows with studs in it! :D <3<3<3 They're awesome! Here's a pic aswell ;)

You can also buy them in pink :D I almost bought them aswell :P Hahah

I'm in a really good mood these days, it's really nice, but I guess you have some off days sometimes aswell :D heheh

I really hope that you all have a great Sunday evening :D

HUGS HEIDI! <3 ;) Hahah

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