Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best Pizza I've ever tasted!

Hi Guys and Girls! :D

Last Saturday my bf and I ordered a pizza from our favourite pizza-place in town "Café Kastanietraeet" (means "Café Chestnut tree"). They make the BEST pizza's IN THE WORLD! (maybe not in the world, but the ones I have tasted ;) ) The topping fits the bread so well, not too much, and not too little :D And the most important thing is that they put enough cheese on! I hate when you can't taste the cheese on a pizza ^^ Haha So here's a pic as always ;)

It looks kinda greasy hahah, but that's the point! I have a pepperoni-fetish atm, so I always order a pepperoni-pizza when we order from this place, cause I know that their pepperoni tastes great ;) hahah

I just LOOOVE Café Chestnut tree <3<3<3<3 Yay! ^^
What are your favourite pizza? :D

Have an awesome night! :D


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  1. My favorite type of pizza is the frozen kind, haha. I like how it's usually crunchier and not as greasy. Other than that, there is this place called Little Ceaser's that has nice pizza and extremly good breadsticks.