Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please let it be a good year!

Hi guys

As the title says I really hope that this year will be WAY better than 2009.. That was really a crappy year.. One of the most crappy ones in my life I would say.. I hope that my dreams and goals for this year will happen and that I will succeed..

Here are my goals for this year:
1. That me and BF don't have any big fights as we had last year.
2. That I start at the Hairdresser Education August 2010.
3. That I have a job till June or July.
4. That I'll get some new friends.
5. Move to town in a cool apartment.
6. That my big brother will keep more in touch.
7. That I will laugh and smile more.

I think that was about it.. It's quite a alot actually.. Hmm.. Well.. There was so many bad things that happend last year, so hopefully this year will be A LOT better ;) I'm sure it will :D it means sooo much to me!

Sorry, but I just needed to get that off my chest ;) Thanks! ^^

Have a great night everyone! :D <3

Hugs Heidi

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