Sunday, February 14, 2010

Visit from my mom ^^

Hi guys and girls! ^^

So, my mom took home today, she had been visiting since Thursday and it's been REALLY nice having her staying :D I don't see her very often, because she lives about 160 km away from me, so it sucks sometimes.. I'll probably not see her again before my birthday in late April.. :/

But we had a really great time, we went to another town to look at shops, and she was blown away by the awesome H&M shop that's there, and she understands why I buy almost all my stuff there ;) Hahah

I wish that she could stay for some more days, but since I live with my boyfriend and his parents, she can't stay for more than a couple of days :/

So now I can't wait for my birthday, so I can come visit her again ^^ Yay!

Sorry if this blog sounds a bit moody this time.. I'm in a weird mood for some reason.. :(

But I hope you have an awesome night out there, whereever you are ;)

Hugs Heidi

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