Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things move forward

Hi Guys and girls arround the world ^^

I've been to work today, and it's going very well :D
I'm really happy that I have some more hours at work, and I hope they'll keep contacting me for more work :D

My boyfriend and I also got offered a new apartment today :D It's in the same stairway in the flat, but when it was the right apartment last time, this time it's the left apartment ^^ Heheh We can take over it the 1'st of July, so we're going to say yes for this one! -But there's a catch... We are number 6 in the queue for it.. So we are really crosing our fingers that we can get it! :D It's in a very nice nabourhood and it's cheap for an apartment that big ^^ It's 95 squaremetre and with 3 rooms :D I can't wait till we're moving, Hopefully I get an area to do makeup, hair and clothes and stuff like that, and hopefully a good spot for taking pictures, with good lighting.. My pictures aren't good cause of the bad lighting..

Well, enough talk about the apartment ^^ (I'm just like a little child before Christmas right now xD Hahah)

The snow is finally melting, so we can actually see the road now! ^^ Hahha I can't wait for the Spring to come, I looooove Spring :D

Oh, and my boyfriend got new glasses.. it's actually the same as those I want :/ But well, I can't afford new glasses right now anyway..

Well, that all for now, hopefully I get a beautiful decoration plate for our new apartment tomorrow and hopefully a blonde shirt aswell :D

Have a great night and sleep well when it's night ;)
Hugs Heidi

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