Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas -and back again

Hi Every one! :D

I just got home from my Moms place, I always spend Christmas with her, but it's good to be back home! ;)

I got a couple of my christmas wishes (Yay!) and some other cool stuff :D First a couple of mood-pictures and then pictures of all my lovely presents! ;)

And my presents...
Elite Models brush - Candles -  H&M Clutch - Christmas Ornaments - Aloe Vera Creme
Medusa Copenhagen Johannes - ridende m/slikstok
NLY Shoes - SPIKE LOAFERS!!! -I love them!!
Bathrobe - Slippers - PJ
Tank tops and leggings (sorry for the bad quality)
Shirts from Gina Tricot
 I love giving presents and make people happy! -And of cause I love to recieve them aswell ^^ Hhaha

Please write a comment below with link to your christmas presents, I love to see what you've got! :D

Have a great evening! ;) -and Merry Christmas!

 HUGS! Heidi

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