Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Favs!

Hi Every one!

Hope that you all had a nice weekend ;)

It's time for my November favorites! ^^ Yay!

Studded cardigan
Cool cap!
pink-studded litas
Studded shirt
Nice boots

 Forever 21
Rainbow! ^^
Pretty shoes
Green! ;)
Nice shoes with pins
Hello Kitty pillow
Super cool striped bag
Very nice heels

Casual shirt
Shiny dress
Love these pants!!

Jeffrey Campbell studded boots (FAVORITE!)

 I'm inzanely in love with the Jeffrey Campbell spike-boots ^above^ *Heart*

-And as always, I would really like all these items to be mine! ;) heheh

I booked tickets for the midnight premiere for The Hobbit the 11'th December 23.59! :D Yay! For once they show something earlier in Denmark than in the US ^^ Hahah

Have a great evening and a great 2'nd December! ;)
HUGS! Heidi

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