Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Galaxy Nails

Hi Every one! :D

I tried to do my nails earlier today, and the final result failed quite hard (I was taking it too far, and it ended up as a mess!)

Well.. At first I didn't want to upload this tutorial.. Or just pictures of me doing my nails.. And I was almost out of black polish.. Just.. A huge mess and epic fail tbh.. But I kinda promised to make this post.. So here you have it ;)


Here's what you need. It's very easy to do. Use a dark color as base. I used black, and then dip the sponge in the different colors and put it on your nails. The order I used is on next picture...
Remember to dip the sponge in the color and then on the paper a couple of times BEFORE putting it on your nails, to make the right effect.

And the result as I like it! ;)

And this is where it went wrong -in my opinion.. The silver dots looks kinda bad and next time, I would probably just use the sponge for the silver aswell.. I used a needle for the dots..

And I'm almost out of topcoat aswell, so it didn't really go well at all.. Hahah ^^ That's typically me :D

Anyway.. My Goodiebox got delivered the wrong place today, so hopefully I get it tomorrow, and when I get it, I'll post the content! :D I've heard that it sould be awesome this time, so I'm quite excited to see what's in it! ;)

Have a great evening!
HUGS! Heidi

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