Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Favs!

Hi Every one!

I know it's a day or two too late, but better late than never ;)

It's time for my August Favorites, and here they are! :D

Cool Jacket from BooHoo
Purple & Black dress from BooHoo
Fake Dr. Martens Boots from BooHoo
Deep red dress from Gina Tricot

Super cute shirt from Gina Tricot
Colorful top from Nelly
Teal dress from Nelly
Mint loafers from Nelly
Cute blouse from H&M
Lace top from H&M
Mint Blazer from Nelly
Ancle cuffs from Nelly
Deep red skirt from Nelly
Cool neon sunnies from Nelly
Yellow clutch from Nelly
Stud shoes from Nelly (Jeffrey Campbell!)
 There's so many nice items for this fall! There's so much stuff I want -and need (^^)

 What are your favorite item(s)? :D

Have a great Sunday!
HUGS! Heidi

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