Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Studded Loafers!

Hi Every one!

I'm really not a loafers-person, but studded loafers....... LOVE!

I've been looking around for "the right pair" for a long time, but haven't really found them.. Or.. Well, I like a lot of the designs, and would probably order some, but I have to talk my boyfriend into buying more shoes (he thinks I already have too many ^^)

Well, anyway, you know me.. I LOVE studs! <3 More than anything else.. Almost.. ^^ heheee
Loafers from eBay
Loafers from eBay
Loafers from TopShop
Loafers from TopShop
 I really like the first pair from eBay and I also like the mint ones from TopShop :D

They are super cute and at the same time really cool ^^ (Just like me xD hahahaha)

*Dreams* Hope I might get a pair some day *Dreams*


Have a great night!
HUGS! Heidi

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