Sunday, May 27, 2012

Home from Carnival

Hi Every one! :D

Today's the day where the big Aalborg Carnival was going to happen! :D

It started out pretty good, the weather was really nice, but unfortunately a bit too hot, cause I almost got a sunstroke :( I couldn't cool off when I got home, and was dizzy and nauseous.. So I woke up here at 01.30 at night and I'm going to sleep soon again ;) But I'm much better now that I've cooled off :D

There are people as far as you can see! ^^ it was crazy! :D

Tomorrow Luna & Jenny (our puppies) are coming for a visit for the first time :D My parents-in-law have some errands, and it would be a shame for the puppies to be alone for several hours.. And of cause we want them to come over, they are so freakin' cute! :D

Have a great night -and good night ;)

HUGS! Heidi

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