Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Puppies!

Hi Every one!

I'm back home from visiting my mom, and I had a very nice trip :D I'm gonna make a post about my trip later, cause first I have to reveal something! :D

I'm a dog-owner! :D The two female puppies are ours!

Yeah, you didn't misread it! (Or I'm a half-time dog-owner to start with ^^)

You see, We (my boyfriend and I) are not allowed to have dogs or cats in our apartment, only for visit.. That's why we're only having them over in the weekends, and the rest of the time, they are at my parents-in-law house :D And when we're moving some day, then we're gonna have them full-time :D

I'm really excited! :D

We haven't named them yet, can't quite decide what to call them ^^

We found the names! They will be under the pictures!




Jenny is about 100g heavier than Luna :D

Can't wait for them to get eyes so they can see the world :D hehee

Have a great evening!


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