Monday, April 9, 2012

New Pins!

Hi Every one!

A late post, I know ^^ But then there's something for the people in the US to read ;)

I really needed some new Labret Pins fo my lip piercing, the one I'm wearing is waaaay to long, and it looks stupid!

So I finally ordered some new ones!
I used to have a really nice one, with a green stone in it, but I lost it :/

Pic from January 2011 (I miss my long hair!)

I always order from Crazy Factory! They are awesome! They have a huge range of different piercings, and they are cheap! Not always the best quality, but if you paid like under 1£/$ for a pin, that's cheap! And I have ordered about 10 pins(+ a lot of other things) from them, and they are all alright! ;)

But on to the actual order, here it goes! :D

I ordered them all in Bioflex this time, to do less damage on my teeth (even though titanium haven't damaged my teeth yet)

I really look forward to get some proper sized pins again! :D

Have a great night!
-I'm gonna go to bed now, have to be fresh for dinner and zoo tomorrow! ^^

HUGS! -And good night!

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