Monday, April 9, 2012

At the Zoo

Hi Every one! :D

I've spend the day having a delicious lunch at Casa Blanca in Aalborg, and afterwards we went to the Zoo! :D I'm kinda 50/50 about Zoo's.. There's pros and cons, but I really belive that Aalborg Zoo are doing what they can, to make the animals feel good! I'm a big animal lover, so it's really important that the animals are well!

But here's a pick of all the pictures I took! -I took 269 pictures in total! ^^ Hahah

Katta Lemur

African wild dog

Orangutan - Anna

African Elephant

Rothschild giraffe

Sable oryx

Mississipi Alligator

Dwarf Hippo

Grevys zebra


Emperor Tamarin


Goldies Tamarin

Green Iguanas

Humboldt penguin

Patagonian sealion

Western gray giant kangaroo

Giant Toucans


European brown bear

Polar bear

Polar bear



 -I'm sorry if the names are wrong, I found them here and translated them ;)

It was a really nice trip, even though the weather was pretty grey ;)

Tomorrow I'm going back to School again, it has been a nice Easter-holiday! :D

Have a great day!

HUGS! Heidi

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