Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to make a purse out of paper (Nahui Ollin)

Hi Guys!

Here's how you make a purse or bag out of paper.. Enjoy! ^^
(Sorry this post is probably gonna be long)

So start with you need some paper (newspaper, candy paper, gift wrap etc.), a pair of sissors, some clear tape and a ruler.

Afterwards you need to measure the pieces you want. The peaces need to be like 5x10cm, or 7x14cm or 10x20cm long. The long side has to be twice as long as the short side. If you want, you can make the long side 1cm longer, just to make it easier to put the pieces together.

When you have your pieces, you need to put clear tape on them, to make them waterproof and more robust. Then you fold it in half, like this:

After you fold it in half, you open it again, and fold the side 1/3, so it meets the line in the middle.

Then fold the other side the same way, so it looks like this:

Then you fold it on the middle again, so the two folded sides meets each other and the piece closes.

Then you fold it on the long side. You fold it in half, like this:

Then you open it again, like before, and fold the sides in half, to the middle line.

Now you have a "V" shaped piece, that should look like this: (It's important that the pieces are correctly folded, that makes it easier to put them together.)

Now you need to make a lot of these! Then you put them together like this: (there'll always be that one long piece when you braid them together, and it'll hold just fine ;) )

It's a bit hard to show and explain, but when you have the pieces, you need to braid them together, so they "lock" in each other.

But now you just have to make it the size you want. I'm making a small summer handbag. So I'm using 80 pieces! And I probably need to make 10 of them! ^^

But now you need to sew them together! (this is my 3'rd line I'm sewing on)

I'm using fishing line to sew with, because it's pretty much invisible and it's strong. I'm sewing in Zik-Zak. (Just tie a knob when you start, you can't really see it)

And that's pretty much it. Then you just have to sew the buttom together and maybe a zipper in the top ;) And then it's done! :D

Here's some examples of different materials I've tried out ;)

And the the final result could look something like this:

That was a small look into what I'm spending a lot of my time on atm ^^
Hope it'll inspire you to make your own bags! :D

Have an awesome night and happy wrapping! xD

HUGS Heidi

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