Monday, February 21, 2011

Relaxing day

Hi everyone!

Today I'm not doing much, I'm having two days off from my internship in the after-school-care, so I'm just enjoying having the apartment to my self! Hahah ^^

But I'm doing a project atm, I'm making bags out of wrapping paper :D Just like the Ecoist bags! ^^ It's really fun and easy, but it takes a freakin long time to do! ;)

Picture of the Confetti-collection

I'm doing a bag with about 800 pieces I need to fold and put together ^^ But I'm sure the result will be awesome! :D I'll promise to post pictures when I'm done! ;)

Oh yeah, it have been snowing again.. But the sun have been shining the last couple of days :D Yay!

But besides makeing these bags and doing my intership, I'm not doing much.. ^^ Just waiting to end this internship and get back to school, waiting for the weather to change and for it to be Summer! :D

Have a great wonderful day!
HUGS Heidi

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