Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Ornaments! :D

Hey again! :D

Just a short update, and some Christmas pictures :D

We got our Christmastree today, and it's pretty! ^^ hehe I bought some new ornaments the other day, and since I love Cupcakes, I bought some cupcake glass ornaments! :D

I only bought two, cause they were kinda expensive.. But they're so cute! ^^

I also made chocolate treats today, they're really yummy! :P

We picked up our Christmas tree today aswell, and I decorated it! :D I love to decorate Christmastrees, but we don't have that many ornaments yet, but we'll probably have more next year ;) I still think it's pretty ^^ Hahah

Tomorrow I'll be cleaning the Drama room at school, We're gonna listen to Christmas music and stuff, so we're gonna have a good time, and I'm getting paid for it ;) hehe

Well, that's all for now, getting a little tired, getting up at 6.00 tomorrow, so gonna be fresh and fly xD hahha or something ^^

Christmas HUGS - And happy 12'th December! ;)

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