Monday, December 6, 2010

Pretty Christmas/New Year dresses + shoes

Hey Girls (and maybe guys? ^^)
Christmas and New Year means pretty dresses and shimmery shoes!

Here's some examples of some nice dresses that I like, and to affordable prices ;)

This dress is from H&M and cost 349,- DKK (about $64)

This dress is from and cost 349,- DKK (about $64)

This dress is also from and cost 359,- DKK (About $65,50)

And here's some shoes that I really like, also to affortable prices :D

From H&M and cost 249,- DKK (About $46)

From and cost 599,- DKK (About $109)

This is just some of the stuff I like ^^
-I like too many things! xD

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